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As the result of management-buy-out, PIP Electronics Company Limited was founded at the First of January 1997. With the new set-up, the Company took up the role of Philips Hong Kong for the sales and marketing of Philips Industrial Automation products including Philips Weighing, Philips Industrial X-Ray and Philips Machinery Automation (renamed as GWT GLOBAL Weighing, YXLON and PMA Prozeβ- und Maschinen-Automation respectively after sold out by Philips in early 1998) in Hong Kong and China markets such that the same teams of people were transferred together with their experience and know-how.

With our long time presence in the China market, we serve our customers with a mature sales and services network in the industries we had participated. With our professional expertise, we provide any customized solutions to our customers with areas of core competence in related technology. We strive for excellent and, because of this, the high quality of our products and services make PIP become a preferred partner in the market.





Before 1987
Philips S&I Department was responsible for the Electronic Weighing, X-Ray Equipment and other automation products.
Established the Industrial Automation Department / Philips Industrial Electronics in Philips Hong Kong Limited.
Installed the first Philips Automatic Batching System on a high quality glass production line in Jiangmen.
Completion of installation and commissioning on the first automatic Lube Oil Blending System for an oil company in Hong Kong, to improve the quality of the lubricating oil and their production management.
Implementation of Operating Company concept and changed from Industrial Automation to Philips Weighing, Philips Industrial X-Ray, Philips Machinery Automation.
Implementation of Total Quality Management by Cockpit Approach and became a member of the Peer Auditors for Philips Quality Award ‘90.

At the beginning of 1997, transfer of Philips Weighing (i.e. modules, applications & turnkey), Industrial X-Ray and Machinery Automation activities to PIP Electronics in Hong Kong. Assisted Philips Turnkey for the installation /commissioning of the first Lube Oil Blending System in China (located at Zhapu) and the installation /commissioning of the second Lube Oil Blending System in Tianjin in the same year.
PIP became the exclusive distributor for CASSEL’s metal detectors in China / Hong Kong markets in 2003, and looked after Taiwan market later. Apart from metal detectors, PIP was also responsible for marketing of CASSEL’s x-ray scanner and checkweigher. We successfully brought the Cassel wide x-ray machine in the insulated paper board of Chinese market, helping customers to improve their products' quality.

Recently, we assisted Yxlon International GmbH to install a modern CT system in an university in Hong Kong for research purpose.