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Cassel deliver simply advanced inspection systems including metal detectors to ensure the quality of your products, our reputation has been earned by protecting yours. Each year we manufacture and deliver over 1000 systems with 80% heading for the export market. Our state of the art manufacturing facility and worldwide headquarters is located in Dransfeld, near Hannover, in Germany. We have a worldwide network of partner agents to ensure you get the very best of service and support wherever you are. We have installations spanning all 5 continents and supporting industries as diverse as Food, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Timber and Mining.

The METAL SHARK® Metal Detectors operate on the principle of inductance measurement. All types of metal are detected. However, magnetic metals are detected more reliably than non-magnetic ones. The method of measurement also makes it possible to detect metal particles inside the product or in non-metal packaging.


METAL SHARK®-2A Controller

The METAL SHARK® 2A controller sets a new industry benchmark for performance, user-friendliness and ease of data storage.

Improved performance results from Cassel′s exclusive Four-Quadrant technology, which allows for a 360 degree freestyle teach area around the product effect, significantly increasing sensitivity. Cassel equipment readily adjusts settings to detect metals even in such products as cheese and high-salt content foods, where detection can be a challenge.

Setting standards for testing is simple. Users are guided through a series of easy-to-understand, high-color screens. An on-board “teaching assistant” offers help, if needed. Password protection ensures that only authorized users can operate the equipment.

Documentation of data required by HACCP, IFS, BRC and GMP is automatically recorded by METAL SHARK 2A. Metal contaminant detections, changes in parameter settings or other data is logged, along with the time and date. Reports can be downloaded to a Windows-based PC for permanent storage and record-keeping. Cassel Metal Detectors can also be programmed to automatically remind the operator to test equipment performance at pre-set intervals.

Features & Benefits of SHARK® 2A Controller:

  • Digital Balance Control
  • Digital Frequency Control
  • Digital Dynamic Noise Filter
  • Quick teach
  • Intuitive operation
  • No maintenance electronics
  • Sensitivity + Stability = Satisfaction
  • HACCP and IFS compliance
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Remote support via Internet


METAL SHARK®-1 Controller

PIP's engineers always propose the best solution to meet or even exceed our customers' expectations. Therefore, the CASSEL metal detector we are supplying is the GERMAN product using complete modern DIGITAL technology.

Cassel Messtechnik GmbH has been dealing with the development of metal detectors for the food, plastics, chipboard production, timber and mining industries for years. As our customers, you are profiting from our practical experience and can be sure that our products are always representing state-of-the-art technique.

Our metal detector METAL SHARK® achieves excellent and reliable metal search results, specifically designed for highest demands in the food industry, with following outstanding features:

  • Digital balance control keeps the sensor coil always at the optimum performance.
  • Digital noise filters eliminate undesired signals.
  • Digital product effect compensation ensures optimum metal recognition even in moist products.
  • Multi-channel technology for an optimum recognition of all metals.
  • Maintenance-free - the METAL SHARK® digitalized circuitry ensures many years of reliable performance.
  • Automatic self-control - possible functional defects of the device are displayed.
  • Programmable function keys - store frequently used functions and call them later.
  • Product effect library - the characteristics of 120 different products can be stored and recalled here.
  • Automatic learning provides simple and quick learning of product characteristics for product effect compensation.
  • Power supply: Wide range input AC 85~265 V.


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