In the textile production process, it may always happens that some staple and broken needle can be found in the final product.  In order to protect both the end user and one's own brand from harm, different potential metal hazards must be identified rapidly.

The textile production process generally involves the materia sheetl on a large scale, flat sensor for installed below or above conveyed material to provide the highest performance in detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metals.


Conveyor-applications, non-divideable, stainless-steel construction.

  • product-effect teaching: yes
  • best sensitivity: Fe Ø 0.5 mm
  • Aperture width: 50 - 1000 mm
  • Aperture height: 50 - 500 mm

HQ Conveyor

The high quality HQ conveyors for METAL SHARK® Metal Detectors are available in standard as well as custom-made versions. They are suitable for permanent and reliable application even in harshest environments with highest quality standards (like in the food industry).

  • Tailor-made: according to customers' specification
  • HQ Modular Construction System: different types of conveyors, conveyor belts, reject devices and other options


Flat-sensor for mounting above and below the product.

  • Product-effect teaching: yes
  • Fe Ø 0.8mm in 10mm above sensor
  • Sensing width: 200 -8,000 mm


Ultra-high sensitivities for products being extra wide and flat. The product is positioned close to the sensor-surface.

  • Product-effect teaching: yes
  • Best sensitivity: Fe Ø 0.3 mm
  • Sensing width: up to 5,000 mm