Industrial X-Ray Systems

Worldwide, YXLON International is the leading provider of X-ray inspection equipment for industrial applications. Whether portable, mobiles or stationary systems, operated manually, semi-automatically or on a fully automatic scale, we have the right solution to match nearly every application. For us, the highest priority is placed on quality: the quality of our inspection systems and, as a result, the quality of your products. Our years of experience and the pleasure we take in innovation have enabled us to gain the confidence and trust of the most renowned manufacturers in the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, shipbuilding and vessel construction, electronics and other industrial sectors. Since 2007 YXLON International has been a member company of the COMET Holding AG (Suisse).

YXLON International is the leading supplier of industrial X-ray and CT systems (Computed Tomography systems) for non-destructive material testing. Inspection items are tested in our systems via X-rays.


X-ray systems for universal deployment in 2D and CT inspection

The system design of X-ray systems from YXLON for universal deployment in 2D and CT inspection reflects how customers’ needs are enacted consistently.



With over 490 X-ray systems sold worldwide, Y.MU2000-D is the standard system in X-ray inspection and now also available with CT option.


Industrial X-ray System with flexible 2D and 3D Inspection for a wide range of applications.


Y.Cheetah is the most efficient X-ray system for the radiographic inspection of small parts.


Y.Cougar is an extraordinary X-ray system that requires little space.


Y.Access100 is the modular inspection system for the X-ray inspection of very large parts.


Y.MaxiShot is the most cost-effective X-ray sytem on the market.


Computed tomography for industrial applications

Computed tomography (CT) provides a unique, non-destructive and three-dimensional view into inspection items, for example the detection of porosities, comparisons to CAD data, geometric measurement and reverse engineering.



New high precision YXLON FF20 CT for computed tomography of electronic applications.


New computed tomography system YXLON FF35 CT for precision with ultimate versatility.

Y.CT Compact

Easy to operate, compact computed tomography system for medium to large-sized inspection items.

Y.CT Precision

Highly precise computed tomography system for inspection and measurement tasks.

Y.CT Modular

CT system constructed in a modular form for a wide variety of task constellations ranging from the tiniest to large components.


With the new CT option Y.MU2000-D users can easily profit from the benefits of computed tomography.



Y.Cheetah is the most efficient X-ray system for the radiographic inspection of small parts.


Y.Cougar is an extraordinary X-ray system that requires little space.


Y.CT Tire

Y.CT Tire computed tomography System - the solution in tire research & development.

Y.CT Customized

Y.CT Customized systems are conceived in accordance with customer specifications on the basis of our years of accumulated experience.


The YXLON Application Service offers CT scans of inspection items ranging from µCT to CT using a linear accelerator system.


X-ray tubes and generators for non-destructive material testing to match the need

YXLON offers closed unipolar and bipolar metal-ceramic X-ray tubes, highly stable and robust constant-voltage X-ray generators as well as open microfocus X-ray tubes as turnkey systems.



Metal-ceramic X-ray tubes

Metal-ceramic X-ray tubes for non-destructive testing.

Stationary X-ray generators

Universally deployable X-ray tubes, including cables, generator and cooling system for radiosescopy and radiography.



Portable X-ray generators

The generators are light-weight, of high quality and have been designed for flexible field inspection, in all types of industrial environments. We build our products with years of experience, skilled engineers and components of the highest quality.

mobiles X-ray generators

The mobiles Y.XMB X-ray system utilizes constant potential energy, minimizing exposure time and optimizing your workflow. The agile Y.XMB makes it possible to access narrow and hard to reach places because of the size of the X-ray tube.

Industrial X-Ray Systems